Mission Statement

The mission of Boston Communities United (BCU) is to foster unity of purpose and empowerment for Boston’s communities of color, and to collaboratively engage and network with other Boston communities, in demanding that the caretakers of the City of Boston address and correct a myriad of “injustices, disparities and inequities” regarding a variety of issues that exist among Boston’s communities. Some of the issues include (not intended to be an exhaustive list): a good education as a basic right of all Bostonians, no matter what zip code they live in; gentrification; a reduction in violent crimes; removing, renaming, and re-memorializing public icons linked to slavery; a reduction of Boston’s school drop-out rate to zero; equal procurement of contracts from the City of Boston; a reduction in income inequality; an increase in cultural opportunities for communities of color during out of school time, and instruction in civics and community life for all youth to enhance a deeper connection to the life of the city; a comprehensive plan to diversify the trade unions; compliance with the court order regarding hiring practices in the schools, and establishing and implementing plans to diversify all departments in the City of Boston (e.g., police department).