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NEW boston neighborhood network

Kevin Peterson, talks about response to The Boston Globe series on racism.

#BlackInBoston #GlobeSpotLight Press Conference

Residents Release Statement on The Boston Globe Spotlight Report On Race

boston neighborhood network

Groups Rally Voters on Racial Justice.

urban update

Barry Lawton & Taylor Key join Urban Update. Hosted by Byron Barnett.

Huffington Post

Boston’s Minority Voters Face Possible violation of Election Rights

Huffington Post

Boston’s Mayoral Election Hinges On Race And Fairness

Huffington Post

Boston Must Mull Renaming Iconic Building to Give Civic Dignity To Blacks

AHP’s Call To Action: Take A Stand To Consciously Deal With Racism

A blog written by Dr. Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, PhD President of the Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP).


Dorchester activist Kevin Peterson wants Boston to remove Peter Faneuil’s name

Rising Racial Tensions

Is the City of Boston ready to make the profound commitment to end what is needed to end structural and systematic racism?